sustainable farming 

At the farm we strive to be excellent growers and good stewards of the land.  We choose to practice sustainable farming methods to conserve water and passive solar heating for plant growth so our farm can make the smallest footprint possible to produce excellent veggies for the community. 



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Service over self

Serve Others 

Fundamentally we feel the farm is a way to serve others. One way we can serve is by providing healthy produce and making veggies fun for the family. Eating well is a vital part of daily life and this is an area we hope to make a big impact in and be a blessing for all those who have a chance to enjoy what is grown on the farm.


Each month we will find opportunities to provide for people with needs. Our farm (and my own family) support many local organizations who are making a tremendous impact on people with needs. The  farm will schedule and provide a meal each month to one of these organizations and/or the people they serve. More TBA in the future and look for these type of events under our upcoming events, facebook, and twitter. 


Our vision for the future involves farming close to seven acres of land, five greenhouses, and providing healthy Non GMO produce for the community. As the farm grows please look for opportunities to volunteer and provide service to others by occasionally helping at the farm.  This is a long term vision of growth that will take time.  Email us to get on a contact email list for volunteer days at the farm. 


We want to share many things with the area. Yummy veggies, fun for the family, encouragement for the community, and faith to name a few. The greatest message we can share with others is summarized in John 3:16 in the Bible. Sometimes it’s not shared enough with people who haven’t heard it. Sometimes it’s shared, but not really discussed or understood. We are here to talk about the good news shared in John 3:16 if you would like to contact us.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”