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More information will be provided here in the future about buying from the farm directly. If you are a chef, restaurant owner, produce manager, or represent a food delivery service email or call us and we will be happy to get a sample to you. For the family or individual at this time we do not plan on offering a CSA year round.  We may offer a winter season CSA with a variety of leafy greens, micro-greens, and potentially cherry tomatoes, seedless cucumbers, and peppers. Offering a winter CSA will depend heavily on the interest of the community so drop us an email if you would like to see a winter CSA from our farm. 

What is a CSA? Click here for info.

upcoming events

At this time we do not have any upcoming events. In the future you may find dates we will be at a location  promoting/selling our veggies, as well as potential farmers markets. We currently are not involved in a local farmers market and plan on selling our produce to  area chefs, restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery services.  Some of the folks who love to cook with or sell our veggies are listed on the home page

farm visit

Join us for a short visit to the farm.  To keep our produce healthy for everyone we adhere to a strict plan for visitors. Baby veggies do not like strangers.  With that in mind we offer you gloves, a light respirator, and a disinfecting foot bath for your shoes to step in. After that you can follow our lead so you blend in well with our daily staff.  We are planning a few educational outings for the kiddo’s that will be structured for fun and food safety. The kids can expect a little hydroponic experiment to learn to grow as we do, and take home samples so the kiddo’s can grow their own happy veggie. 

Farm visits are special to us and must be scheduled in advance.  Contact us for more information


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We value your time as you do.  Thank you for viewing our website and considering our produce. If you are looking for more information about our farm, practices, produce, staff, etc… please contact us